Note… the site is being rebuilt! Many pages are still in the old format, but I’m trying to keep the navigation seamless. The interesting stuff here is under the Root Cause Analysis section.

Now, here’s some really outdated introductory text (from like… 2006 I think). Yeah. This stuff is old.

Hi. Welcome to my eclectic website, where I display in public the clutter that fills my brain. Maybe you’ll find something useful here, or maybe not. All I know for sure is that I need to have some kind of outlet for my half-formed ideas. I’m hoping that the discipline required to put these ideas into words (and publish them here) will help me, somehow.

I am a nuclear engineer with a Master’s degree from Mississippi State University. I did some work at Argonne National Lab while I was in grad school. I then went to work for Entergy Nuclear, where I worked in BWR Physics Support and later as a Reactor Engineer at River Bend Station. I also worked at TransWare Enterprises for a while, primarily doing reactor analysis code development.

Since mid-2002, I’ve been working at Ontario Power Generation, mostly doing corrective actions work. I started out with the Construction department of the Pickering-A Return-to-Service project, which you can read about here. When that project ended, I transferred into the Training department for a brief time to do some work on Computer Based Training. Then I spent a few months in the Root Cause Team for Pickering-B, and then transitioned into the station’s main corrective actions group. I really liked that job, until things got really… crappy. Then I moved to the Station Engineering department, and after a while, things got better.

Even though I’m in an Engineering group, I’m still doing a lot of corrective actions work, mainly trending. I’m not doing much in the area of root cause analysis currently, at least at work, but I’m sure I’ll get back into that eventually. I’ve done quite a bit of Engineering Work Management stuff, and dabbled in Equipment Reliability and Aging Management. Most of that is pretty interesting. I’ll let you guess which part is my least favourite. (Hint… it has something to do with managing the work of engineers, which anyone can tell you is kind of like trying to herd a bunch of very smart but very stubborn hippos!)

Thanks for visiting my site. Take a look around, check it out, and please let me know if you see anything that doesn’t look right. Email me: bdot (at) Cheers!

Bill Wilson © 2004-2014

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