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Welcome to my eclectic website, where I display in public the clutter that fills my brain. Most of the interesting stuff is under the Root Cause Analysis section. Maybe you’ll find something useful here, or maybe not. All I know for sure is that I need to have some kind of outlet for my half-formed ideas. I’m hoping that the discipline required to put these ideas into words (and publish them here) will help me, somehow.

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A Little Confession...
What would the Internet be without Wikipedia? I remember when it was still a brand new thing back in 2001... and what an awesome thing it was, and still is: the Open Source philosophy applied to human knowledge itself. Can you imagine not being able to look something up on Wikipedia, if only to get a quick précis of some topic that just caught your interest for a moment?Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia has a page for Root Cause Analysis. If you look at its history, you can see that it was creat[...]

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