William J. Wilson

5/02-PresentEngineer/OfficerOntario Power GenerationPickering, ON
 Root cause and corrective actions engineer assigned to the Construction division of the Pickering-A Return to Service project. Responsible for co-ordination, investigation, analysis, and trending of adverse events and conditions reported in the plant's Station Condition Record system. Served as primary investigator and team leader for several major incident investigations, as well as for a large number of less significant events. Investigated a wide variety of incident types, including process failures, human performance issues, and organizational problems.
12/99-5/01Engineer IIIEntergy NuclearSt. Francisville, LA
 Qualified BWR/6 Reactor Engineer, responsible for monitoring core performance, scheduling end-of-life replacements for in-core components, maintaining the 3D MONICORE system, revising procedures, providing training to engineers and operators, and developing software. Performed reactivity impact reviews for plant maintenance and modification activities, and developed reactivity control plans for plant maneuvers. Coordinated all power uprate activities for Reactor Engineering section. Developed a code to generate core shuffle plans for refueling, and served as a Fuel Movement Supervisor during refueling.
6/98-11/99EngineerTransWare EnterprisesSan Jose, CA
 Responsible for nuclear engineering consulting support and software development. Assisted in development of the EPRI CPM-3 lattice physics code, primary contributions being the Average Rod Resonance Treatment and various routines to accelerate solution of the multigroup eigenvalue problem. Developer and principal engineer of the TransMGU model conversion and visualization tool that translates CPM-3 models to MCNP. Performed criticality analysis benchmarking using MCNP for a spent fuel cask vendor. Developed the graphical user interface for the WINTRC2 SNM tracking code system. Involved in several team-programming projects on engineering codes for utility industry and other clients. Extensive use of Fortran and Tcl/Tk on Linux, HP/UX, and Win32 systems.
1/96-5/98Engineer IIEntergy NuclearSt. Francisville, LA
 Qualified BWR/6 Reactor Engineer. Served as System Engineer for the 3D MONICORE core monitoring computer system. Primary responsibility for software development, testing, and quality assurance within Reactor Engineering. Supported plant operations during power maneuvers and refueling outages. Performed a Root Cause Analysis of the "Reflective Leakage 3D" (RL3D) error in version 10 of the Panacea code (PANAC10) that was accepted by GE as providing the Root Cause.
5/94-12/95Engineer IEntergy NuclearJackson, MS
 Nuclear analysis support engineer. Provided engineering analysis and programming services in support of plant Reactor Engineers. Performed reactor core analysis activities using codes such as SIMULATE-3, CASMO-3, ORIGEN-2, and MicroShield. Developed several data acquisition and processing codes in Fortran, C, and awk. Developed graphical user interfaces for engineering software using Visual Basic.
6/92-8/93Student AssociateArgonne National LabArgonne, IL
 Responsible for computational methods research and development within the Reactor Analysis Division. Developed several improvements to the GTRAN2 lattice physics code, including the capability to perform multi-assembly calculations using a combination of Collision Probability and Interface Current methods, and acceleration of the multigroup, multi-assembly eigenvalue problem using several varieties of coarse mesh rebalancing. Developed a parallel version of the code that was eventually incorporated by other researchers into MAGGENTA.

Introduction to CANDU Systems, OPG, 2002
Apparent Cause Evaluation, OPG, 2002
Human Performance Enhancement, Entergy, 2001
Apparent Cause Determination, BNFL Fuel Solutions, 1999
Reload Licensing Analysis, GE, 1997
GENIE User, GE, 1997
Kepner-Tregoe Problem and Decision Analysis, Entergy, 1997
Root Cause Analysis, Entergy, 1996
BWR Technology, Entergy, 1996
3D MONICORE System Manager, GE, 1995
OpenVMS System and Network Node Management 1, DEC, 1995
Station Nuclear Engineering, GE, 1995

 M.S. Nuclear Engineering (1994), Mississippi State University
B.S. Nuclear Engineering (1991), Mississippi State University
 Programming: C/C++, Fortran, Java, Tcl/Tk
Environments: Linux/Unix, MS Windows, OpenVMS
Applications: MS Office, StarOffice, WordPerfect
Strength: Numerical Algorithm Design and Optimization
 S. Baker, W. Wilson and K. Buckwheat, "Evaluation of the CM-PRESTO Nodal Code Accuracy in Modeling A SVEA 96/GE9 Mixed Core", Proc. PHYSOR 2000 ANS International Topical Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2000.

D. B. Jones, S. P. Baker and W. J. Wilson, "TRANSMGU, A Model Generator Utility Code", Proc. PHYSOR 2000 ANS Intl. Topical Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2000.

S. Baker, B. Wilson and K. Buckwheat, "Benchmark of CPM-3 2X2 Calculations to Support Evaluation of SVEA 96 Reload", Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc., 81, 304 (1999).

W. J. Wilson, J. L. Vujic and A. G. Gu, "Parallel Multiple Assembly Calculations in GTRAN2/M", Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc., 69, 204 (1993). View Abstract

J. L. Vujic, W. J. Wilson and A. G. Gu, "Multiple Assembly Calculations in GTRAN2", Trans. Am. Nucl. Soc., 68 (Part A),460 (1993). View Abstract
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
American citizen residing in Toronto, ON, Canada.
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 Available upon request.

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