Hi, thanks for visiting my website. I hope you've found something of value here, or at least something entertaining. Please note that I am not a trainer or consultant... yet. One day, when my daughter's older and my wife gets tired of seeing me everyday, I'll probably go independent. Until then, I have a full-time job (working for "the man") that I've got to keep up.

However... I am willing to work with people on small projects that don't require travel or full-time commitments. Some things I am even willing to do for free. So, if you want to contact me, please send an email to I'll likely reply within a day or two; my reply email will be coming from a GMail account: something like (The X and Y will be replaced with my first and last names.)

If you just want to leave a comment for me, and don't expect a reply, please feel free to use the handy "comments" link at the bottom of any page on my site.

Thanks again for visiting the website!

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