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Root cause analysis can be a fairly data-intensive process. You need a way to store, organize, and track individual pieces of data. On top of that, you've got to be able to relate individual pieces of data to each other in a logical fashion. You can do this the old-fashioned way, using pencil and paper (or index cards, or sticky notes). You could also use computer software to accomplish the same thing. In this article, I'll provide links to specialized investigation and/or root cause analysis software packages for which free demonstration packages are available.

Please note the following before jumping into the list:

Now, on to the list. Software is for the Microsoft Windows platform unless otherwise noted.

Not a huge selection, I know. I'm working on expanding this list, but keep in mind that I'm only interested in providing links to packages that have demo versions available for free download. I ruled out a few packages because they didn't meet this basic criterion.

In closing, I'd like to say again that you don't need any of these software packages to perform a root cause analysis or an incident investigation. Specialized software may make the overall task somewhat easier, but only if the investigation/analysis model embedded in the package matches the investigation/analysis model you have adopted. In fact, by choosing to use one of these packages, you may be limiting yourself to a model that may (or may not!) meet your needs... so do your homework before spending any money!

p.s. Please contact me if you think I should list another package, or if you have trouble accessing any of the demos listed above!

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