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I liked a @YouTube video from @survivalrussia The Secret To Dressing For A Russian Winter

Hey there, @christinascheu ... pulled it 8 km on Sunday. Easy trail compared to what you just dealt with!

@Jcf1309 @christinascheu ... also, what was the temperature outside? Isobutane stove could have been affected by cold exterior temps!

First test of my gear sled/pulk while #snowshoeing in #GanaraskaForest a few days ago ... via @YouTube

I liked a @YouTube video My winter high-exertion breathable/venting clothing system

@GanaraskaFC, is it OK if I test my new gear sled (fully loaded) while snowshoeing the long trail? Its track is the same as my snowshoes.

@christinascheu ... loved the writeup! Just started building my own sled & hope to use it soon; good to read about how well yours worked. 😀

@christinascheu, thank you for the awesome blog post last March. It's what convinced me to go to South Wind. And yes, I had a good time. 👍😀

Hi there, @christinascheu! I found the South Wind because of you.…

@SibbaldPointPP, how are snowshoeing conditions currently?

Hi @ChangTalks, any news or announcements regarding a 2017 event?

Went to NY Times. They're great, an American jewel. But @CharlesMBlow? Bad writer. Very bad. People are saying his words aren't bigly. Sad.

@kyrapaterson, I did eventually get cold, but mostly because my ground layer proved insufficient. Wind protection was very good though!

Thanks, @kyrapaterson. My first trip to #FrontenacPP, the bit I saw was lovely. The tent is actually a square tarp pitched a bitt oddly. :)

@WildGameStore, here's a new type of #camping/#survival shelter I designed today for this very tarp!…

Am trying to develop an intuitive sense of what a #visionimpaired person needs/wants from #describedvideo in a #training context. Not easy!

@RougePark Thank you! I went out again today, so there's more... and better.

@QEIIWildlandsPP, I never knew this! Is there a map of official sites?

Final Reminder: Free Instructional Design MOOC Starts Today

Thank you, @e180... you made the #ChangSchoolTalks much easier for this introvert to enjoy. I met great people because of you!

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