A barrier is a construct intended to protect a target from a force or agent that could affect it in a manner that is not wanted. It may totally prevent the possibility of the unwanted effect, reduce the probability or potential magnitude of the effect, alter the nature of the effect, or initiate some […]

Barrier Analysis

Description Barrier analysis is a root cause analysis method that considers the pathways through which a hazard can affect a target in order to characterize the performance of actual or potential barriers/controls interposed to protect the target. Pros and Cons Pros Conceptually simple, easy to grasp. Easy to use and apply, requires minimal resources. Works well in combination with […]

RCA Article Guide

There’s a large number of root cause analysis articles on this site. If you’re already a cause analysis pro, then you can probably just pick through the main RCA Articles list and find things that might interest you. However, if you’re new to root cause analysis, then that probably isn’t going to be a great way to […]

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RCA Wiki

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Causal Factor Tree Analysis

Description Causal factor tree analysis is a Root Cause Analysis technique used to record and display, in a logical, tree-structured hierarchy, all the actions and conditions (or Causal Factors) that were Necessary and Sufficient for a given consequence to have occurred. Pros and Cons Pros Provides structure for the recording of evidence and display of […]

RCA Tools

Methods for Root Cause Analysis Maslow’s Law of Problem Solving: If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Wilson’s Corollary: Even if a problem really is a nail, you’ve still got to know whether to bang it in or yank it out. This is a constant work in […]

Root Cause Analysis

Are you looking for a guided tour through the topic of Root Cause Analysis, something like a short book or training manual? If so, start off with the RCA Article Guide. Do you need to solve a difficult problem? … investigate an accident or safety incident? … eliminate waste and maximize value? … figure out why equipment keeps failing? […]