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Adventures in eLearning will explore the topic of eLearning, from basic principles of Instructional Design all the way through to learning content delivery and assessment of learning effectiveness. It will also provide links to other eLearning resources. It's a bit bare at the moment, but it will be fleshed out more fully very soon!

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Drag/Drop Interactions in eLearning Design
Sometimes, I feel like eLearning drag/drop interactions get a bad rap. Maybe that's because Serious Instructional Designers seem fairly dismissive about them in casual conversation? I've seen many questionable such activities myself, but I could say the same about every other kind of interactive exercise. Drag/drop doesn't have a monopoly on bad i[...]
McFib: An eLearning Interaction Pattern
I'm very interested in eLearning designs that try to entwine content and exercise so thoroughly that the learner almost constructs their instruction – even if the path they follow was determined ahead of time, i.e. it was programmed. Wait, programmed instruction?! That's a behaviourist approach! Or is it? To the learner, it may not seem that[...]
12 Things That Will Make Me Hate a Training Course
I'm relatively new to the world of Instructional Design and the development of eLearning material, but I've had a LOT of experience as a trainee. Much of that experience has been pretty painful (this should be no surprise to anyone). If you, as an Instructional Designer or course developer, want to keep me engaged in training, don't let any of the [...]
Why Train? Why eLearning?
eLearning, to me, seems like an exciting new field that has barely been tapped and which has a wide open future. However, no matter how exciting and universal it seems, it is really a subset of training, instruction, education, etc. So, before I really embark on this adventure in eLearning, maybe I should think about the larger world of Training fr[...]

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