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There's a large number of root cause analysis articles on this site. If you're already a cause analysis pro, then you can probably just pick through the main RCA Articles list and find things that might interest you. However, if you're new to root cause analysis, then that probably isn't going to be a great way to go about it. That's why I created the article guides below, which list important subsets of the root cause articles on this site in logical reading order. If you came to this site looking for a free root cause analysis training manual or book, then this might be what you need.

Root Cause Analysis 101

This is the short list; if you print all 6 of these, you'll essentially have a short Root Cause Analysis pamphlet with just enough information to get started. It can also serve as a decent introductory chapter to the detailed guide listed below.

  1. Definition of Root Cause
  2. Definition of Causal Factor
  3. Human Error
  4. Human Performance Investigation Tool
  5. 5x5 Whys Root Cause Analysis
  6. Problem Solving Sequence

Detailed Root Cause Analysis Guide

This, obviously, is the long list. It provides much more detail than the short list above. Use this list if you want a more complete understanding of root cause analysis, including a few additional root cause analysis tools and more explanatory material.

  1. Patterns of Response
  2. Meaning of Root Cause, Part 1
  3. Meaning of Root Cause, Part 2
  4. Human Error
  5. Event Frequency & Severity
  6. Interfaces and Contradictions
  7. Systematic Problem Solving Sequence
  8. Phases of Root Cause Analysis
  9. Rockin' New Human Performance Investigation Tool
  10. Five-by-Five Whys
  11. Causal Factor Tree Analysis
  12. Barrier Analysis
  13. Change Analysis
  14. RCA Tool Comparison
  15. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis
  16. The BOGUS Test
  17. Evaluating the Quality of a Root Cause Analysis
  18. The 5D Method for Avoiding Corrective Action
  19. Root Cause Checklists
  20. Root Cause Analysis - Art or Science?
  21. Root Cause Analysis for Complex Systems?
  22. Models in Root Cause Analysis
  23. Use of Cause Categories in Root Cause Analysis
  24. Optimization Is Not The Goal

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