HPT Treasures: Practical Situational Awareness

I posted about Situational Awareness at HPT Treasures today. What I didn't say in that post was that I've experimented with a few different methods previously... and when I didn't like any of them, I created my own called SCAN (download link below). SCAN stands for:

  • Sense
  • Consider
  • Anticipate
  • Neutralize

I think SCAN could be a useful implementation of the "Scan & Focus" method discussed in the HPT Treasures post. It would be especially useful for anyone that's on their own. How I think this would work:

  • Sense continuously. If a potential problem is detected, stop briefly and...
    • Consider the situation. If hazards exist...
      • Anticipate how those hazards could affect you. If the risk is real...
        • Neutralize the risk by taking some type of preventive/protective action.

Personally, I think many human performance tools (e.g., Self Checking, Questioning Attitude, Conservative Decision-Making) are just separate modes of Situational Awareness. That's why I call SCAN an active situational awareness tool, because it basically embeds several others.

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