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RCA at the AntiSyphus Effect

Kathleen DeFilippo over at The AntiSyphus Effect (lost to the ravages of time, kind of, but see below) has written a very nice collection of 10 articles on root cause analysis. I especially like how the articles flow from a logical starting point to a logical conclusion... something I've never really bothered to do. She's also developed a couple of nice little tools (FERCS and the PHaTS Domino) that should be useful to anyone trying to get started in root cause analysis.
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Cross-Pollination #2

Root cause analysis has a fatal flaw -- if you can't convince people that change is necessary, they will not change. Too many beautiful reports fail to make even a miniscule change in the course that an organization has already set for itself. The most thoroughly researched root cause analysis in the world is completely useless, if it fails to change anyone's mind.
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Cross-Pollination #1

The idea behind this blog post came from the first article linked below. In short, it's time I started expanding my reading horizons a bit. These are some of the better blog articles I've seen around the 'net lately, all of which are potentially related to root cause analysis in some way, but not necessarily dedicated to it. If you actually read my blog on a regular basis, you might find these interesting too.
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