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@thenorthface, is there a reason you took the original #questionmadness ad video off YouTube? I can only find copie……

“By now it should be very clear that Trump’s racism and sexism are not bugs, they’re features.”

I liked a @YouTube video Backcountry Planning: Route Information & Resources for Ontario - Crown Land, Parks,

1977 Kelty Sonora, all original, still in use, still a workhorse - @KeltyBuilt

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I liked a @YouTube video WILDERNESS TRAILS - 10 Days on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail

I liked a @YouTube video 눈내리는 산에서 백패킹 - 설산 설중 리얼 백패킹 - Winter

Very nice #hiking on @TRCA_Trails at #EastDuffinsHeadwaters. Here are a couple totally awesome routes to try. (I'm……

@TRCA_Trails I use a outdoors/hiking app (@ViewRanger) to find good local trails/routes to explore. That's how I fo……

@localguides, how can I add a place without it being rejected? I included all mandatory items + phone, website, pho……

I liked a @YouTube video Solo Hunting Trip & DD Frontline XL Hammock

Every time I try the #Meetup web preview, I see problems. And, it never seems to get any better. I hate it. Hate. It. @Meetup @MakingMeetup

Umm... is this real, and should it be on the bank of the Rouge River, south of the 401? @RNUP_NOW…

@MakingMeetup, is there a roadmap for changes you're planning for web, one you can share with organizers? What should I not bother using?!

I liked a @YouTube video Making A Chainsaw Vise On The Fly

#GTAUltraTrekkers do the #SeatonHikingTrail and then some, 28.3 km in total! #hiking #meetup…

15/30k Hike - Seaton Trail

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017, 9:00 AM

Seaton Hiking Trail Parking, Forestream Trail
Forestream Trail Pickering, ON

7 Ultra Trekkers Went

Seaton Trail + minor southern extension. Linear trail. Route starts and ends in the middle, so this is two hikes in one: a 15k for those with less time or still working to extend their hiking distance, and a 30k for those that want the full grind.Cost: FREEDuration/pace: For planning purposes, assume 4 hours to do 15 km, and 8 to do 30.Trail sur...

Check out this Meetup →

@ontrailscourses, your profile link to the courses page is a 404! Need to change it to

@viewranger 558 of 800 km (69%) complete! Planning to do a single day, 100 km walk before summer ends. #100kGTA #GTAUltraTrekkers #walk2017

Shout-out to fellow #GTAUltraTrekkers! Here's a shot from my 55k walk across #Toronto last month.…

Prelim #100kGTA walking route, 100km in 24 hrs, Pickering to Burlington, date TBD - @WaterfrontRT @TheGreatTrail…

Seeking partners to #walk 100 km along the #waterfronttrail in under 24 hours! Maybe Pickering to Bronte? #trailtoGO @WaterfrontRT

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