This is the privacy policy for I am not a lawyer, so this is probably very imperfect, but I hope it will give you all the info you need to understand exactly what kind of information is collected and used -and- how you can disable said data collection and usage.

Information gathered from visitors

As on other websites, log files are stored on the web server saving details such as the your IP address, browser type, referring page, and time of visit. This information is used to monitor website performance and improve the website, for example by identifying server or content errors so they can be corrected.

If you choose to leave a comment on the website, the information you enter (e.g., name, email, website, comment text) will be stored on the server and possibly displayed (excepting email address) on the website and included in XML feeds . E-mail addresses will not be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties. E-mail may be sent to inform you of replies to any comments you may have left on the website.

This website also uses cookies; please see the Cookies section below.


Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored by your web browser. They may be used to store your preferences for viewing the website and for managing  session information. They may also be used to track your return visits to the website.

You may be able to block the use of cookies via your browser settings, by using a browser add-on or extension, or by enabling a special privacy mode (e.g., Chrome's Incognito mode, Firefox's Private windows); you should review your relevant browser, addon, or extension documentation to ensure you understand exactly what these browser features can and cannot do. Blocking cookies or using a browser/addon feature  or setting should not significantly impact your ability to use this website.

If your browser is set to accept, store, and use cookies, then the following policies apply.

The website uses or links to various Google technologies and services, such as Analytics and Google+, both of which employ cookies. As of 22-Aug-2015, this site no longer hosts ads served by Google or its partners (or anyone else), but you may wish to review the information at the link below, which describes how Google uses the data it obtains from your browser while you are visiting this and other websites.

I don't think any of the following still applies since this website no longer hosts any ads, but you may still find the following info to be of value. Third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to serve ads on other websites based on your visits to this website.

  • Google's use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to this website and/or other sites on the Internet.
  • You may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. You may also wish to review the Google ad and content network privacy policy.
  • The cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve ads on the website.
  • You may opt out of third-party vendors' use of cookies for interest based advertising, and obtain more information, by visiting

In Closing...

I'd like to thank you for visiting this website. Please know that my intention in collecting or using any data associated with your use of the site is not to violate your privacy. I use website analytics to learn how I can improve the website. I used to host ads because I wanted to make some money from the website (mostly to justify to my wife that all the time I spend on it is worthwhile), but I finally got rid of them because I got tired of feeling like a salesman for products and services that I really knew nothing about. I welcome your comments, questions, and interactions, and I hope that this website has been useful to you in some way.


by Bill Wilson
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