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12 Things That Will Make Me Hate a Training Course

I'm relatively new to the world of Instructional Design and the development of eLearning material, but I've had a LOT of experience as a trainee. Much of that experience has been pretty painful (this should be no surprise to anyone). If you, as an Instructional Designer or course developer, want to keep me engaged in training, don't let any of the following things be true... these are the 12 things that will make me hate your training course.

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Freeing myself to write…

I've hosted Google Ads on this website for over 10 years, but I've decided to remove them. I realized that having the ads, and wanting to maximize the amount of revenue they could generate, was keeping me from writing as much I'd like. With the ads, I felt that I had to be careful not to jeopardize a revenue stream. I would agonize over what topics I should cover, the kinds of things I wanted to say, and how I should say them... the end result being that not writing anything became the norm. Well, that's all ended now.

I removed Google Adsense code from my website templates yesterday, and I already feel less restrained, as if some big-ass chains holding back my brain have been removed. I can say what I want, when I want, and however I want to say it. In truth, I had that capability even with the ads, but the metaphorical chains they wrapped around my brain were all too effective at keeping me away from the keyboard... but not anymore. Freedom!

Thank you, Google AdSense, for all the years we shared... but I have to let you go now. I didn't like who I was with you in my life, and I think it's better for both of us this way. It's not you, it's me. Blah blah. Good bye!

Why Train? Why eLearning?

eLearning, to me, seems like an exciting new field that has barely been tapped and which has a wide open future. However, no matter how exciting and universal it seems, it is really a subset of training, instruction, education, etc. So, before I really embark on this adventure in eLearning, maybe I should think about the larger world of Training from which it springs.
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Top 5 Reasons for Failed Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is one of the best ways to solve difficult or significant problems, but sometimes, root cause analysis efforts fail because the corrective actions weren't effective. If the original problem happens again, or the needed improvements haven't materialized, or a new problem arises because of the corrective actions, you need to figure out what happened and why so you can fix whatever went wrong. Here is a list of the issues you should be considering -- the top 5 reasons for failed root cause analysis.

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Systems Thinking, Complexity, and Root Cause

I'm getting so very tired of safety/accident researchers claiming that root cause analysis is an invalid, blame-focused practice that ignores systems and complexity. Most root cause investigators that I know are pretty well oriented towards process, organization, and system issues as the fundamental sources underlying problems and accidents... and even some of our simplest analysis tools (e.g., TWIN) include specific checks for complex-system characteristics/behaviours (e.g., hidden system responses, separation between cause and effect).

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