Cross-Pollination #2

Root cause analysis has a fatal flaw -- if you can't convince people that change is necessary, they will not change. Too many beautiful reports fail to make even a miniscule change in the course that an organization has already set for itself. The most thoroughly researched root cause analysis in the world is completely useless, if it fails to change anyone's mind.

This is the second installment of my "cross-pollination" series. It focuses exclusively on a facet of root cause analysis and continuous improvement that I believe is often neglected, or is just not performed very well -- after establishing the need for change, turning that need into a genuine desire to change. (Links updated/verified 25-Sep-2014.)

The Key to Innovation: Overcoming Resistance
"Nothing in the business world is more overrated than a 'good idea.'" - Michael Schrage

Gates, Jobs, & the Zen Aesthetic
"Restraint is hard. Complication and elaboration are easy." - Garr Reynolds

How to Run a Useless Conference
"Facts don’t change people’s behavior... If all we need is facts, then books alone would be sufficient." - Seth Godin

Negotiation Tip: Closed Mind
"If you're trying to negotiate with a block of wood... well, it doesn't work very well." - Dr. Josh Weiss (note... this is an audioblog)

That's all for now... I hope these are useful to you. Please feel free to send me suggestions on this topic, or any other that might be useful to readers of this weblog.

by Bill Wilson
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