Root Cause Roundup – May 2005

I've been taking a break from writing for the past 3 months, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about this website. There will be a lot more coming soon, as I finish sorting through my scattered notes. In the meantime, here are some other root cause analysis items on the web that are worth taking a look at. (Links updated/verified 23-Sep-2014.)

First up is Bob Nelms' weblog. Bob is an experienced root cause consultant and trainer with a real passion for getting everyone to think "root cause", not just investigators and analysts. He also runs Root Cause Live, and does an excellent job moderating that site's very active discussion forum.

Next is The Investigation Process Research Library. This site is managed by Ludwig Benner, a very well-known and respected figure in the field of accident investigation. His site is a virtual treasure trove of investigation-related research material.

Hosted at Ludwig's site is a recent paper by Dr. Bill Corcoran, "Influences on Consequences: Causation, Mitigation, and Prevention and Their Dimensions" (PDF). Bill's done a lot of research on the types of factors that influence events and their consequences, and compiled it all into this excellent summary.

Finally, let me point you to an upcoming conference on Human Performance, Root Cause, and Trending, being held June 14th-17th 2005 in Syracuse, NY. Check out the proposed schedule to get a flavour of what the conference is all about... it also links you to abstracts for many of the papers that will be presented.

A quick final note... if you happen to run across any interesting, new resources on the web pertaining to accident investigation, root cause analysis, performance improvement, etc., please feel free to send me feedback. Thanks!

by Bill Wilson
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