Readiness to Investigate

How do you know if your organization is ready to investigate and analyze events? Being ready involves a lot more than just having a root cause analysis procedure and trained investigators. The whole organization must be ready to respond appropriately, in a way that minimizes loss, maximizes safety, yet preserves critical evidence and the ability to use it effectively.

Consulting a good list of the requirements would be a good first step in getting your organization ready. The Noordwijk Risk Initiative Foundation (NRI) and the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) are jointly engaged in a project to develop such a list. From the DORI project homepage (no longer available, but see note at end of article):

The aim of project "Defining Operational Readiness to Investigate" is to describe the preconditions for the efficient investigation of accidents and incidents. The main output will be a document, which is available free of charge, published as a focus for debate and comment. The final document will be published as an NRI white paper and should be available in July 2005. A draft green paper is already available, as is a presentation introducing the project.

NRI and RoSPA are seeking comments and input on the draft green paper, especially from those with experience managing the investigative resources of organizations. However, I would recommend this project as worthy of review by anyone having an interest in advancing the state of investigation practice.

For more info, visit the DORI project homepage at NRI's website.

23-Sep-2014 Note: The DORI project generated a paper describing the outcome of the project. The paper itself (link) is probably of historical interest only. However, NRI now has what appears to be a more up-to-date effort on Operational Readiness that is likely worth a look (they do good work).

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