Cross-Pollination #1

The idea behind this blog post came from the first article linked below. In short, it's time I started expanding my reading horizons a bit. These are some of the better blog articles I've seen around the 'net lately, all of which are potentially related to root cause analysis in some way, but not necessarily dedicated to it. If you actually read my blog on a regular basis, you might find these interesting too.

Cross-Pollinators in your Greenhouse
Want more innovation inside your organization? I think the secret is to start searching more OUTSIDE...

Better Decisions means Better Products & Lower Costs!
The trade secret of successful improvement is this: Look for indecision, uncertainty, and trial & error behavior...

Every kaizen has a lesson--Handoffs
In a project setting, many problems happen not in the work itself, but rather in moving the work from performer to performer...

Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. It can also be a dangerous distraction that interferes with communication rather than facilitating it...

Make Educated Decisions
The owner of a large factory decided to make a surprise visit and check up on his staff. Walking though the plant, he noticed a young man leaning lazily against a post...

I hope you enjoy these. I'll try to do a post like this every week or so... let me know if you have any suggested reading material!

by Bill Wilson
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