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I've always wanted to create a knowledgebase for Root Cause Analysis... something more than a blog or collection of articles. Something like WikiPedia, but without the constant threat of wiki spam, vandals, and random people that just come along and "improve" stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love WikiPedia. However, the topic of Root Cause Analysis there has for years been a battleground of competing interests and people pushing agendas. That makes it very difficult to maintain the desired, even beloved, Neutral Point of View (NPOV) and still have meaningful topic entries with quality content. Instead, what we've gotten after many years of this process is just the scraps that most people can agree with, or don't care about enough to change. So, what I offer instead of that is the following:

😀 😀 😀 The Best Root Cause Analysis Wiki on teh Internetz! 😀 😀 😀

Of course, some might say that I'm pushing my own agenda (and I probably am), but I do try to present multiple sides of every argument. Anyway, my Root Cause Analysis Wiki is different from WikiPedia in two major ways. First off, I'm the only editor; visitors are free to post comments for changes and improvements, but I choose what to incorporate. Second, I am ditching NPOV; what I'll have instead is MPOVWB (My Point of View With Balance). That means I'll cover what I think is important in the manner that I wish, but I'll always try to incorporate alternate views or opinions when I think the topic deserves it (or if visitor comments suggest something really good). Also, the following shouldn't ever be a problem... (but the first person to leave a comment -- with plausible root/contributing causes and corrective actions based on the systems analysis chart shown in the comic -- wins a prize!)

Root Cause Analysis of Citogenesis by xkcd


by Bill Wilson
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