Four Ignoble Truths

Before you decide how to fix a problem, you should probably seek first to understand it... perhaps with a root cause analysis. That is, unless you happen to enjoy delays, lost productivity, injuries, or worse. In that case, feel free to implement any pseudo-random, flavour-of-the-month "solution" your heart desires. Realize the four ignoble truths, and follow the ignoble eight-fold path.

The Four Ignoble Truths

  1. Life is just full of problems.
  2. Today's problem is the result of past solutions.
  3. There is an easy solution for today's problem.
  4. The way is given by the ignoble eightfold path.

The Ignoble Eightfold Path

  1. Problems are inevitable.
  2. All you can do is deal with them as they come up.
  3. Promise whatever you have to.
  4. Try whatever seems reasonable.
  5. Just stick to your own job.
  6. Don't worry about causes, or consequences.
  7. Let tomorrow take care of itself.
  8. Above all, focus on immediate results.

Welcome to the vicious cycle.

by Bill Wilson
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