What Does Quality Culture Look Like?

One of the Senior VPs at work posted something interesting on his internal blog today, essentially asking the following question: "What does a fully-developed and healthy Quality Culture look like?"

I rattled off the following as a reply, pretty much off the top of my head. Any thoughts as to how this could be improved? I'll even accept the comment "I have but one comment - start over." 🙂

First, define "Quality".
- Conformance to requirements?
- Control of variation?
- Defect minimization?
- Stakeholder value?
- Continuous improvement?
- Organizational effectiveness?
- Something else?

Second, obvious top-down support and commitment for "Quality" like we have for "Safety" and "Productivity".

Third, bottom-up knowledge and focus on "Quality" in every activity, every product, every interaction.

Fourth, universal trust that pursuit of "Quality" is as valued as pursuit of "Safety" and pursuit of "Productivity".

Fifth, shared vision of the organization as a "living" entity that wants to improve, wants to exceed expectations, wants to be one of the best, and wants to expend the effort necessary to achieve its goals.

by Bill Wilson
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