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Kathleen DeFilippo over at The AntiSyphus Effect (lost to the ravages of time, kind of, but see below) has written a very nice collection of 10 articles on root cause analysis. I especially like how the articles flow from a logical starting point to a logical conclusion... something I've never really bothered to do. She's also developed a couple of nice little tools (FERCS and the PHaTS Domino) that should be useful to anyone trying to get started in root cause analysis.

Below is a pointer to the Internet Archive of Kathleen's collection of RCA related articles. (Link updated 25-Sep-2014. Tip: once the page loads, scroll down to the bottom and then work your way back up to read the articles in logical sequence; they're posted in reverse date order.)

The AntiSyphus Effect: Root Cause Analysis @ the Wayback Machine

I hope you enjoy Kathleen's articles as much as I did. (She definitely seems to have more energy than me... I am not what you would call a prolific writer.)

by Bill Wilson
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