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There are several discussion groups on LinkedIn dedicated to Root Cause Analysis in one way or another. I follow a couple of them, but the one I like the most has a serious problem. So, being the dynamic (ha) and proactive (haha) person that I am, I created a new one.

This new LinkedIn group is intended to be an active, open, broadly applicable, and non-proprietary center of discussion for professionals engaged in Root Cause Analysis and related activities. I created it because the other Root Cause Analysis group that I follow has gotten somewhat slow, with no new topics approved in several months. There still seems to be plenty of interest in that group, but discussions under the existing topics have started going in circles or diverging way off topic as members keep posting comment after comment after comment...

The new group will avoid all that by being much more open, with few moderator controls put in place at first. Some controls may be enacted later, once the group gets larger and more active. It only has a few ground rules:

  1. Stay on topic.
  2. Add value.
  3. Be respectful of differing opinions.
  4. Keep it professional.
  5. No sales pitches.

If you're reading this, then you're probably interested in Root Cause Analysis... so go join the group and ask questions, offer opinions and experience, and network with others that share an interest in this important topic. Here's the link.

Root Cause Analysis and Performance Improvement Group (LinkedIn)

Also... have a nice day!

by Bill Wilson
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